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Body Treatments

Sea Salt Body Scrub $55

This therapeutic full body treatment combines mineral rich salt from the Dead Sea and a customized blend of essential oils. The mixture is applied to exfoliate the body; smoothing away dead, rough skin while hydrating, lubricating and softening from neck to toes, leaving your skin exceptionally smooth, soft and revitalized for days.

Coffee Body Scrub $55

While coffee is wonderful for many reasons, the caffeine in it is an effective ingredient for the added health benefits as a scrub.When coffee is applied to the surface of your skin, it helps to stimulate faster cell regeneration, improve skin tone and texture as well as decrease the formation of cellulite. Caffeine and antioxidants that are found in coffee work to tighten and energize skin while also promoting circulation.

Mud therapy Body Masque $75

Detoxify and stimulate your skin’s metabolism with therapeutic mud, energizing peppermint and cucumber extracts. In this revitalizing treatment, mud is applied to your entire body and you are cocooned in warm blankets to jump start the purification process. The mud mixture will unleash a stimulating action, helping to rid your body of toxins. Emerge from this invigorating treatment refreshed and re-energized.